Cat Island’s Unspoiled Beaches

Beyond the private, crescent shaped white sand beach at FBV, there are miles of unspoiled pink and white sand beaches, easily accessible by car or bike for beachcombing to find the perfect shell, picnicking and being alone.

Remote and Historic Cat Island

Fernandez Bay Village is so secluded, quiet and relaxing you may forget that you’re on a large Caribbean island with a rich history. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out Cat Island and it’s many unique attractions that take you on a trip back in time. We recommend renting a car if you really want to explore. Yet, for more leisurely excursions to the adjacent areas, a bike ride is also an option.

The Hermitage

A trip to the Hermitage is a must! Set atop the highest point in the Bahamas on Mt. Alvernia, is a tiny monastery and chapel built by architect/priest Father Jerome in the late 1940’s. This short but steep climb rewards you with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and turquoise waters of Exuma sound on the other. Complimentary beach cruiser bicycles are available from FBV. Maps and informative books for touring are available at the front desk.

Cat Island Historic Sites

Cat Island is 48 miles long and at its most narrow point it is only about one mile wide. The island is home to the Rake and Scrape Music of The Bahamas.The members of the oldest gospel group in The Bahamas originated from Cat Island. Cat Island is home to the highest point in the entire country, Mount Alvernia. The island also has the only rail road track ever built in The Bahamas. The island is vastly rich in history, there are ten (10) former slave plantation ruins on the island, with the Deveaux, Armbrister and Golden Grove plantations to name a few.

The Blue Holes of Cat Island

Of the many blue holes found on the Island, The Boiling Hole is easily accessed by kayak or paddleboard from Fernandez Bay. Buoy’s clearly mark the path thru the meandering labyrinth of water trails in Fernandez Creek. Hidden amongst the lush mangroves that thrive in the shallow salty creek water, one can typically see Nassau grouper, bar jacks, snapper and lobster while snorkeling Boiling hole. Other blue holes to visit on the island include, Big and Little Fountain, Mermaid Pool, Crown, Gaitors and the Bad Blue hole. The myths and legends of these perplexing inland, underwater cave systems cite tales of mermen, horse eating monsters and fabled underwater creatures.