Rollezz Villas & Beach Resort is just minutes from the friendly community of Old Bight Cat Island. With its incomparable hospitality, rustic surroundings and farm to table choices of fruits, vegetables and drinks, Rollezz Resorts offers not just a vacation, but an experience. Our motivation for the establishment of our villas is to create a first class intimate resort that caters to the aspirations of the visitors, while delivering a heartwarming experience. Our Roots are buried in Cat Island, and we have attempted to bring together the past, present and future in the creation of these colorful, quaint cottages of Rollezz Villas Beach Resort.

Nestled along one of the longest continuous sandy beach in The Bahamas, each villa at Rollezz Villas Beach Resort has a view of the Atlantic Ocean from the front porch and from the rear bedroom window, guests can also view Joe Sound Creek, from which a cooling breeze blows through the room and creates an optimal environment for peaceful rest. This Creek is home to many of the Island’s indigenous wildlife.

Carlos and Krystel

Rollezz Villas & Beach Resort represents the changes in the Bahamas as well as a part of the  rich Bahamian international history. Cat Island is  blessed with the presence of many ancient Churches (including the first Church built for freed Slaves in 1834) and some of the most breath-taking views, which include the highest point in The Bahamas. Rollezz Villas & Beach Resort is just a few miles away from these small communities that are filled with the Island warm friendly people.

Our Dream

What was conceived as a dream by us , will become a reality for many of our guests, who will come to Cat Island for Family Reunions, Weddings, Business Visits, Rake and Scrape festivals, Regattas, and those who want to explore these secluded surroundings or to break away from your busy day to day life in the City.

It is our passion to display these wonderful attributes to you and your Family on your visit to our Resort.